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The Adams Arms Piston System

From 2 Hours to 2 Minutes: Advancing the Technology of the AR-15 Rifle Effortless Cleaning & Seamless Shooting Experience

Shooters all know that the fun of training comes at a cost. Along with the cost per round there’s a time expense, every round popped means just that much more carbon and grime build up in your gun; but that’s not all, that carbon and heat also wear down your rifle just a bit faster. So, it’s all about time and money!

Adams Arms is here to save you on both. We start by making our rifles very affordable. Next, we build every rifle with great attention to detail surrounding our Advanced Piston System. Then we sweeten it up with much of the furniture and upgrades you’re going to want, like Rave 140 3.5lb triggers in our P2’s or Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels on our P3’s, Kriss Stocks, METAL flip up sights, Ergo Gripz…the list is huge and continues to improve.

Pistons guns are preferred by nearly every fighting force in the world. It’s clear that the old DI systems are on their way out and Piston systems will be the standard of the future. They are just simply better.

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Adams Arms

The Adams Arms team is committed to providing cutting edge technology that meets the real needs of the modern warrior, starting with the industry’s first and only patented retrofit kit for the AR 15 Platform that makes it a relevant weapon of the future. We will continue to develop products that improve performance and minimize maintenance at the highest level of quality from full rifles to all relative configurations.

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Adams Arms P1

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Pistol P1 5.56 11.5" Left


Rifle P1 5.56 16" Left


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Do you have a favorite truck gun?

Crispy11b made a great choice. There's little to nothing that three-oh-hate can't handle (.308) @MrColionNoir has one, @crispy11b has one, I have one...why don't you?

Check it out and some more of our favorites at ...

LEFT HAND SHOOTERS! Do you love gas and brass in the face?

Piston Rifles are already pretty lefty friendly considering the lack of gas at the chamber, but this is BETTER. No longer are you forced to adapt to a rifle designed for a righty.

Is this not the most satisfying thing?

@611Armorytraining is in fact one of our expert assembly technicians. He has the honor to be the first to bring your complete Adams Arms build into this world. Thank you sir.

#rifles #cleancoolreliable #guns #ar15 #ar15s #ar15build

Want to see a wall of Piston Perfection?

There will be NRA exclusive giveaways and some of your favorite YouTube celebrities! But the best part is a wall full of the world's best Piston Rifles and AR Pistols.

Wear your walking shoes because this convention hall is BIG!

Watch This!

What sight/scope are you going to put on this P2 .308 16" rifle?

Top Shot Dustin has been running this one through the paces for some time now and today he shows just how effective it is against body armor. Check him out on YouTube, Facebook and Instagra

READ this blog! Consider your own experience in the AR-15 and comment what we left out. I'm sure there's something we forgot.

I think there's always room for more in the community of shooters. What could be the hang-up? Where did you star

John and I are in love with the same thing. It's great to hear that we have a Shared love John. Spread the love my friend, spread the love.

The P2 .308 has been reviewed and loved by some of my favorite Gun Content Creators, such as @MrColionNoir , and @TopShotDustin

Just like @BlueJean_Operator, I was an Infantryman with multiple GWOT tours and relied on a DI rifle similar to the one in this test. Now, holding my DD214, I have switched to my Adams Arms P2 5.56 16" as my go-to rifle

It's May 4th and I was looking at the uppers differently. Saving my credits to buy more Beskar Steel with the current discount.

#rifles #gunlife #adamsarms #pistonperformance #guns #firearms #shootingsports #gunrights #ar15 #ar15s #ar15build #ar15life #maythefourth

Has anyone considered the safety of the Bear?

I deeply care for the safety of Girls and Women. Unfortunately we do not live in a world without threats, bad guys and hungry bears exist. But nothing levels the playing field like a trained and armed woman.

Friends Friday!

This is Wes Whitlock. He's a warrior and coffee fanatic through and through. He's been running his Adams Arms Rifle for years and proudly proclaims how much he loves it. Weight stacks, gun racks and, coffee bean sacks.

"This is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine..."

We created a Small Frame Rifle that is far more manageable, in terms of size, weight, recoil, and maintenance, without a loss of accuracy. Take a look at how our larger caliber Small Frame Rifles are better.

Dirty DI guns up to their ole hijinks again!

We HIGHLY encourage you check out the solution BEFORE Plinko De Mayo is over...😉😉

@Operater_Inquiries channel is a treat! Check them out and us too.
#rifles #gunlife #adamsar #guns #firearms #ar15 #ar15s #ar15build ...#ar15life

I love seeing our kids out in the world all dressed up for work! This is a good looking setup Leo.

#rifles #gunlife #adamsarms #pistonperformance #cleancoolreliable #guns #firearms #shootingsports #gunrights #ar15 #ar15s #ar15build #ar15life

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